Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Frenzy... A Man's Pursuit of Fall Fashion

The Fall season is my favorite time of year. I love when clothing changes along with the weather. Its the time of year when we all celebrate Fashion and dust off our blazers and boots. I am pulling out my staple pieces and adding accessories and show pieces to spice up my everyday wardrobe.

Fundamental pieces like fitted blazers, dark blue jeans,cardigans, and boots will take a man far this fall. Sticking to the basics is key. Neutral color tee's and braided belts that match your shoes are essential. BUT don't be afraid to take a risk. To add a little boost throw in a knitted sweater, or try a pair of untraditional boots i.e the mens moccasin, maybe even an animal print sweatshirt (if your lucky enough to find one), or even a jacket or sweater with studs on them to add some flavor to your closet. Throwing in any little piece you can will only enhance your personal style. With that being said... embrace this wonderful time of year by dressing to impress daily. I know I will be!!

Now run tell dhat!!

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